About Me

My Background


With a basket of raw materials, and no rules, I began my journey as an artist in my childhood home. I was armed with freedom in my creativity by a very wise, artistic mother!

I have worked in a variety of mediums, and have recently enjoyed adding a layer of texture to my paintings by yarning in a variety of patterns  that I've created. I thrive on working in large scale, because it yields an impactful result. I love to explore different subject matter and color palettes, ranging from the quirky details of a moth to The architectural angles of a downtown cityscape…Each time I create a new piece, you can be sure it will be on the opposite spectrum from the last one! I find joy in being inventive and celebrating variety in my life.

My career has focused on creativity over my lifetime; as a mural artist for restaurants, as well as using my talents in interior design, floral design and event planning. I have owned a gallery, and had the joy of studying Florentine painting in Italy. But the most influential thing in my life was the blank canvas my mother provided me as a little girl!

I have raised 4 daughters that are my

 “Best Work” and I live with my husband in a mid century modern home, that I am enjoying updating and creating into our new nest!

My Medium


  • Acrylic on Wood pegboard with yarn.


  • Digital Art

  • Originals, and Printable downloads for Sale

My Inspiration


I love the overall affect of positive and negative space, and deciding if my rendition of it will be editorial or if I’ll give it everything I see and More!

Being outside in creation makes me feel alive! I tune in to the texture and shadows! I love a hike in the woods, and a road trip through the mountains. The vastness and variety on this earth is endless and makes me wanna paint! .

A room, whether simple or grand, can be so inspiring, i love the details that make it personal! It makes me happy that people use their creativity this way!

A confidently designed building can be awe inspiring. My father-in-law was an architect and studied in the 50’s.  Translating architecture into a painting, is a celebration of the uniqueness of their design!